by Samantha Guss

i can tell when it’s going to rain

and what time of day it is

i can intuit things

about astronomy and traffic lights

and how much salt to put in my scrambled eggs

the vedas tell us that we

are all fragments of one spirit

there are three hundred and thirty million gods

but there is only one

and each of us comes from

a divine rib

or elbow

or thumb

sometimes when i stop to listen

i can hear its joints creaking

i reenter the current of my life

sucked in by the undertow

of its cosmic pulse

and knowing this

i can weather the violent jostling

the occasional dislodging

and aimless wandering of my unfastened soul

i am not going anywhere

that three hundred and thirty million gods

have not journeyed before

Samantha Guss is a junior American Studies and Drama double major at Vassar College with an interest in poetry, breakfast food, and taking walks. She often eats a muffin before taking a long walk, during which she thinks about things that she might like to write poems about. She hates citrus fruit. She flosses regularly. She is a Pisces, and a morning person. When she eats animal crackers she takes two of each, to fill her ark. She goes to Whole Foods to steal the free guacamole samples and then immediately leaves. She would like to be a writer or a pirate, but will likely go into marketing or farming instead